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Crowdsourcing – Sawyer Point One Emergency Water Filtration Kit SP 180

December 24, 2021 Anybody knows where we can procure this in the Philippines? We need this asap for the Odette calamity communities – for safe drinking water. PM me in FB: Reynaldo O Joson Specs: SP 180 Sawyer Point One … Continue reading

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What and where should I channel my donations for the victims of typhoon Odette?

Several organizations are leading donation drives and relief efforts to respond to the needs of the communities affected by typhoon Odette (December 16 and 17, 2021). Foreign governments have also pledged and given donations. A lot of laypeople want to … Continue reading

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Disappointed to hear a surgeon ordering a mammography for a 22-year-old female

December 11, 2021 Had a telemedical consultation with a 22-year-old female who was seeking a second opinion on her breast concern, In the process of interviewing the patient, she previously consulted a general surgeon for her breast concern. She was … Continue reading

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In my ROJoson Telemedical Consultation, I prefer Zoom over FB messenger over Viber

In my ROJoson Telemedical Consultation, I prefer Zoom over FB messenger over Viber. Advantages of Zoom – clarity; ease of recording; ease of screen sharing; ease of using the white board for explanation, teaching and instructions; etc. Records: Viber – … Continue reading

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Diary vs Journal – I always interchange the two – ROJoson

May 1, 2023 Update I remember the difference between DIARY and JOURNAL when I did a write-up today on “Journal – ROJoson – May 2023). HOORAY for ME! Revisit – Repetition for Reinforcement of Learning I always interchange the usage … Continue reading

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