Disappointed to hear a surgeon ordering a mammography for a 22-year-old female

December 11, 2021

Had a telemedical consultation with a 22-year-old female who was seeking a second opinion on her breast concern,

In the process of interviewing the patient, she previously consulted a general surgeon for her breast concern. She was advised and prescribed to have ultrasound of the breast and mammography. When she presented her prescription request, the radiology clinic she went to, advised her not to have mammography just ultrasound. She agreed with the explanation given by the clinic. Reason – the radiology clinic does not do mammography for such a young patient as the breasts are dense and results will be not fruitful in information. So, no mammography – just ultrasound.

I don’t know why the surgeon ordered a mammography for this young 22-year-old patient. He / she might have a special reason. However, usually, surgeons and radiologists agree that mammography should not be done in this age group. This is the reason for my disappointment – a surgeon ordering a mammography for a 22-year-old patient. I hope he/she had a good rational reason.

On the other hand, I was pleased with what the radiology clinic did – to advise the patient not to have the mammography. There are clinics who will just do the mammography as ordered by the requesting physicians without questioning.

Postscript; the ultrasound of the breasts gave the needed information on the breast concern – multiple fibroadenomas.


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