What and where should I channel my donations for the victims of typhoon Odette?

Several organizations are leading donation drives and relief efforts to respond to the needs of the communities affected by typhoon Odette (December 16 and 17, 2021). Foreign governments have also pledged and given donations.

A lot of laypeople want to donate to the victims. The questions are what to donate and where to donate. The other important questions are 1) how to ensure that the donations are channeled through the right people, groups and organizations so that there is no misuse and 2) how can the donations be maximally utilized by and beneficial to the victims.

Donations are usually classified into cash and in-kind donations. The other special type of donation is free service such as medical treatment, transport, and communication.

In 2020, during the start of COVID19 crisis, there was an epidemic of donations to help the medical frontliners in the fight against the COVID19 pandemic. The considerations were as mentioned above.

In 2021, now, as of this writing, December 23, 2021, in the aftermath of Odette typhoon, with an epidemic of donations to help the victims, the considerations are also the same.

In 2020 (COVID crisis) and in 2021 (now – ODETTE devastation), a lot of friends have been asking me what and where to donate with the considerations of rightful reach and maximal benefit to the victims.

In 2020 (COVID crisis), I advised channeling PPEs to at least one rural health unit in all the provinces in the Philippines through HelpThru Philippines to identified physician-coordinators (Mu Sigma Phi Coordinators). The result: maximal utilization by and benefits to medical frontliners in the rural health units and no losses due to improper channeling.

This year, now, (ODETTE calamity), I am being asked by friends for the same advice.

My answers are:

  • Focus on Safe Drinking Water Project (through the Mu Sigma Phi Project H2O) – bigger, if not biggest, beneficial impact on health of the victims.
  • Channel to Mu Sigma Phi Mu Relief and through the identified Mu Sigma Phi physician coordinators stationed in the devastated communities to ensure rightful reach (no improper channeling) and maximal management.


  • When I say “focus”, there is a priority implied and it does not mean “in exclusivity.” One can still donate other kinds of stuffs as they deem fit.
  • When I say “channel to Mu Sigma Phi Mu Relief,” it does not mean one cannot channel to other organizations. Just make sure your donations are properly and rightfully channeled and reached to the people in needs (not to politicians and to those with other vested interests other than the welfare of the victims).

Here is a list of where the donations will be / have been channeled by the MU Relief:

  • 1. Dumaran, Palawan ℅ Brod Kevin Mendoza ‘16
  • 2. Roxas, Taytay, and Puerto Princesa, Palawan ℅ Brod Aris Poncio ‘15
  • 3. Hinunangan, Southern Leyte ℅ Brod Justin Malubay ‘21
  • 4. Maasin City, Southern Leyte ℅ Edward Dinoy through Brod Mac Manalang ‘18
  • 5. Pintuyan, Southern Leyte ℅ Sis Anne Asis ‘19
  • 6. Negros Oriental ℅ Benjamin Valdez ‘24
  • 7. Cebu Province ℅ OVP & Sis Jean Abalos ‘81
  • 8. Bohol ℅ OVP & Brod Kazan Baluyot ‘01
  • 9. Surigao City, Surigao Del Norte ℅ OVP & Ottoböck through Brod Pipo Bondoc ‘86
  • 10. Siargao Islands, Surigao Del Norte ℅ Brod Lorenzo De Guzman ‘18

The presence of trusted and responsible point persons (who are physicians) will ensue right and maximal usage of donations.

This is the advantage of MU Relief.

Here is a video that shows the advantage of the Project H2O – safe drinking water:



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