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Valedictory of a teacher to her students

During a clutter management activity of my files and in an attempt to compile the childhood pictures of my wife and two children, I saw this Powerpoint made by a class teacher, Ms. Elisa Afable of Ateneo de Manila as … Continue reading

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Blogs and Facebook

The word blog was derived from the combination of the word web and log. Blog – a regular record of your thoughts, opinions, or experiences that you put on the internet for other people to read. Blog – a website … Continue reading

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Sideswipe vehicular accident – 19may23

I9may23 At about 1500H to 1600H, along Taft Avenue, I had a sideswipe vehicular accident.  The tail part of the car I was driving was sideswiped by a white Fortuner. Fortunately, there was no dent in the car that I … Continue reading

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You don’t have to know everything – just know the basics for the moment to be productive

In a lot of technological things, like driving a car, using a computer, using a cellphone, or using a calculator, you don’t have to know everything to be able to use them functionally and productively.  You just have to know … Continue reading

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How to keep toothbrush safe from cockroaches

Cover your toothbrush to protect it from cockroaches and lizards. ROJ@19may17

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Making full use of soap slivers

SOAP SLIVERS My way of making full use of left over soap slivers – 19may15   ROJ@19may17

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ROJoson’s Strategies to Love my Neighbors

DO GOOD TO OTHERS; DO NO EVIL TO OTHERS; DO GOOD THINGS; DO NOT HURT ANYBODY” – my strategies to love my neighbors. ROJ@19may13

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Daily Activities – May 2019

ROJoson’s Daily Activities – Daily Journal   ROJoson’s Daily Activities – Daily Journal  19may27 – Monday Blog and FB Patients’ Prayers Checklist of Interval Posting of FB – 2019 Telemedicine UPSI     ROJoson’s Daily Activities – Daily Journal   … Continue reading

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Resistance Exercises – ROJoson

19may12 Doing some additional resistance exercises aside from my usual flexing and stretching exercises started  April 23, 2019.     NEW DAILY EXERCISE REGIMEN Started in April 23, 2019 =Walking exercise – 5 km – together with rosary prayer and … Continue reading

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