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ROJoson Medical Clinic Physician Pad Updated -19oct30

Today, I spent a few hours to update my physician pad. I have to change it because of the change in telephone numbers that started early October 2019 (add 8 to previous numbers). I had a hard time trying to … Continue reading

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Use of Yahoogroups in ROJoson Online Collaborative and Interactive Learning

Yahoogroups has been used by ROJoson to facilitate online collaborative and interactive learning of ROJoson’s learners (formally started in 2010 with OCIL in Admitting Service but informally started in 2003). General Surgery Internet-Aided Teaching Learning Program is a Restricted Group … Continue reading

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Cancer Therapy

2013 files from Yahoogroups Typical alternative and complementary expenses ROJ@19oct20

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Having cancer is NOT always a death sentence!

Notes retrieved from edhedephi@yahoogroups Retrieving before yahoogroups closed down. Posted January 19, 2013 Having cancer is NOT always a death sentence! There are people who survive cancer.  There are cancer survivors.  These are the people who were diagnosed and treated … Continue reading

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Yahoo Egroups – ROJoson

Yahoogroups created by ROJoson Clutter management before Yahoo abolishes it.   I have more than 60 yahoogroups. What do I do? Do clutter management. Review and save memorabilia. The first yahoogroup that I established was Education for Health Development in … Continue reading

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Mucus cyst on my 4th finger – ROJoson

Started with a black spot (1-2 mm) on the base of the right 4th finger – with a furrow sometime in August to September 2018 – I thought it was melanoma – after 1-2 weeks – black spot fell off … Continue reading

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