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The Art of Assisting in Operations

The Art of Assisting in Operations Reynaldo O. Joson, MD First Written in April 15, 1988 (updated in October 28, 2018) In any surgical operations, there is a main actor who is the surgeon and there are supporting actors consisting … Continue reading

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It is not easy to be a physician who manages patients!

It is not easy to be a physician who manages patients! This kind of physician deals with life and health of people. Preservation of life and restoration and maintenance of health are most valued by practically all living people in … Continue reading

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Putting down the scalpel, putting up the scope – Antonio Oposa

Dr. Antonio Oposa gave me this piece of writing in 2010.  I like to share it with everybody especially the “older” surgeons.  Food for thought. Sept 17, 2010  10:25 a.m.  Yesterday, I met a colleague in the MDH library who … Continue reading

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