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Prayer and acceptance prior to death and for the dead

19mar27 I attended the 40th day of death celebration of Carleen Reyes’ mother (Ma. Zayda Gutierrez-Mazzilli) in St. Andrew the Apostle Parish.  We had a Holy Mass, then Novena Prayer, then dinner. Although I have seen the novena prayer version … Continue reading

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How to Live Life in the Context of Health – Additional Tagline – March 6, 2019 – ROJoson Facebook

March 6, 2019 I edited the cover photo of my two timelines. I added (How to Live Life in the Context of Health) under Education for Health Development in the Philippines.   Reasons: From 2019 – 2024 (at least, for … Continue reading

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Clutter Management – IPAD

IPAD As part of my clutter management, last year 2018, I gave this first edition of IPAD (given to me by Gigi Alvarez long time ago- circa 2011) to my nephew and other people for whatever use they may have … Continue reading

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