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Whatever you place in the Net, you are being tracked

Take note: whatever you place in the Net in the free sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Sites,, YouTube, Slideshare, Scribd, etc), you are being tracked for business purposes (by advertisers) and scam purposes (by hackers). Make sure you don’t … Continue reading

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Re-set, re-adjust, re-start, re-focus, as many times as you need to; Fall-Falter; Rise-Regain

Update: November 13, 2020 Today is November 13, 2020 (a Friday the 13th).  It is a superstition that considers all Fridays the 13th as unlucky days.  I don’t believe in superstitions.  So, starting today, November 13, 2020, I will make … Continue reading

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How to make a ladder using ropes for emergency use

How to make a ladder using ropes for emergency use Safety Promotion and Disaster Preparedness Program for All  Have an idea of making a ladder for emergency use using ropes today – 18dec22 … Continue reading

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Unified Teacher Evaluation for Small Group Discussion – UPCM

Community-oriented medical education Unified Teacher Evaluation for Small Group Discussion UP College of Medicine Attached is the Form used by medical students to evaluate their preceptors or faculty. Note: on the last item, there is the “correlate the course with … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Evaluation – UPCM – ROJoson


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You can make plans but God determines the step

YOU CAN MAKE PLANS BUT GOD DETERMINES THE STEP. I always have this mind when I made my intentional life plans since 1994 and when I implemented them up to now. Yes, I have plans documented on paper. During the … Continue reading

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Definition of General Surgery

DEFINITION OF GENERAL SURGERY  The Philippine Society of General Surgeons, Inc. defines General Surgery as requiring:  – A basic knowledge of surgical anatomy, physiology, pathology, oncology, metabolism, wound healing, surgical bacteriology and sepsis, shock and resuscitation, immunology and organ transplantation, … Continue reading

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Cancer Survivor Jovita Talens – 20-10-5 Years in Remission

18dec1 Jovita Talens, now 82 / F 1998 – at age 62 – underwent right modified radical mastectomy – no additional postoperative treatment – histopath: infiltrating ductal carcinoma – negative nodes === now 20 years in remission 2008 – age … Continue reading

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Closing Remarks – ROJoson – MDH Cancer Crusaders Club – 18dec2

31st Annual Christmas Get-Together of the MDH Cancer Crusaders Club December 1, 2018 Closing Remarks Good morning / good noon / good afternoon! Before anything else, let me express my happiness, contentment and enjoyment for your coming to attend the … Continue reading

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