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Non-specific Pain – A Reflection Again

NONSPECIFIC PAIN 18nov21 – this morning, I suddenly experienced mild to moderate sharp pain on my left hand. I was alarmed and asked myself – why and what caused this pain. I just waited and watched for what would follow. … Continue reading

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What is an operation?

OPERATIONS ROJoson QI (Questions and Issues): What is an operation based on medical perspective? Since operation and surgery are often used interchangeably, what is surgery or surgical operation? Here are some definitions from the Internet: Operation – any action performed … Continue reading

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Surgery vs Operation

SURGERY VS OPERATION ROJoson QI (Questions and Issues): In the current setting (modern times), what is surgery? what is operation? What is the similarity? what is the difference? Surgery (in medical parlance) is a medical specialty that uses operative manual … Continue reading

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What is a surgeon?

WHAT IS A SURGEON? ROJoson QI (Question and Issue): In the current setting (modern times), what is a surgeon among physicians managing human beings? in other words, what is the meaning of a “surgeon”? Who is the surgeon? A surgeon … Continue reading

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Notice to those who want to be my friends in Facebook and who want to read my posts

NOTICE TO THOSE WHO WANT TO BE MY FRIENDS IN FACEBOOK AND WHO WANT TO READ MY POSTS:   I reached my quota of 5000 in May 27, 2017 /June 12, 2017 in my first Timeline –   UP … Continue reading

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Cars – when to fill up gas tank

18nov6 Life Notes for me and those who drive cars Specific issue: when to fill up gas tank Today, at 550 am, I saw a yellow icon on my car dashboard signifying that I should fill up my gas tank … Continue reading

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ROJoson’s Facebook Project as a Legacy to the Filipino People

I officially started using Facebook on June 16, 2011 with the goal of Education for Health Development in the Philippines. In November 3, 2018, my Facebook Project is 7 and a half years old already. Three months before my graduation … Continue reading

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