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Definition of General Surgery

DEFINITION OF GENERAL SURGERY  The Philippine Society of General Surgeons, Inc. defines General Surgery as requiring:  – A basic knowledge of surgical anatomy, physiology, pathology, oncology, metabolism, wound healing, surgical bacteriology and sepsis, shock and resuscitation, immunology and organ transplantation, … Continue reading

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What is an operation?

OPERATIONS ROJoson QI (Questions and Issues): What is an operation based on medical perspective? Since operation and surgery are often used interchangeably, what is surgery or surgical operation? Here are some definitions from the Internet: Operation – any action performed … Continue reading

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Surgery vs Operation

SURGERY VS OPERATION ROJoson QI (Questions and Issues): In the current setting (modern times), what is surgery? what is operation? What is the similarity? what is the difference? Surgery (in medical parlance) is a medical specialty that uses operative manual … Continue reading

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