Patient-centered and value-based – a buzzword now – 2017

In the program of the 73rd Annual Clinical Congress of the Philippine College of Surgeons to be held from December 3-6, 2017. I saw these statements:

General Objective: At the end of the convention, the participant will be able to apply the newest standards, trends and practices in his respective field to achieve surgical excellence.

Specific Objectives:

a) to apply the newest standards, trends and practices in each of the surgical specialties to provide patient-centered value-based surgical care for better outcomes and cost-effectiveness.

b) To apply appropriate non-technical skills like leadership, communication, empathy and social awareness to achieve better work-life balance in surgical practice and training.


Happy to see “patient-centered value-based surgical care for better outcomes and cost-effectiveness.”  It seems “patient-centered and value-based” are now buzzwords in the Philippines.

For Salubris Medical Center,  the following is stated:

Mission: To provide value-based and compassionate patient-centered health care services in a comfortable hospital environment that good health may be preserved, wellness may be promoted and dignity of human life may be enhanced, ultimately contributing to good community health.


Happy indeed.  Next is the actualization of the value-based and patient-centered health cares services to all Filipinos!


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ROJoson’s Blogs Management – A Review – November 18, 2017 – to Facebook


Difficulty in tracing and retrieving the posts that I placed in my Facebook Timelines and Pages primarily because of absence of an efficient archiving system in FB (at the moment I am just using “view activity log” and typing a search word to look for old posts – still have difficulty because when I post in “what’s on your mind” or “write something” int the “status”, I usually don’t type a good title for indexing purposes).

In 2011, I created ROJOSON’S FACEBOOK NOTES in to remedy this problem.  I would blog in and then share it to Facebook.  In, there is an archiving system (categories and tags).  I would just go to to trace and retrieve the posts that I shared in FB.

I have not been consistent in this resolution and practice.   I have renewed my resolutions in the past (about 2 years ago). However, I have always bogged down in this renewal of my resolution and practice – to always blog in and then share my blogs in WP to FB.


Today, November 18, 2017,  I will renew this resolution, part of my FALL- FALTER; RISE – REGAIN program.

I will put one refinement today.


I will create in ROJOSON’S FACEBOOK NOTES in a Category labeled as “Facebook Tidbits.”

POLICY AND RULE: Always WORDPRESS.COM to FACEBOOK from now on regardless of nature of posts to be shared in Facebook. ROJ@17nov18


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Giving recyclable wastes to garbage collectors for additional income

October 22, 2017

While doing my walking exercise this morning, I chanced upon a garbage truck.

I know that the garbage collectors usually segregate the recyclables and sell them to the junk shops after they have done their day’s work.  I usually see them segregate cardboards, plastic bottles, soda cans, etc.  I don’t usually see them segregate papers, especially white papers.

When I saw a plastic bag containing white papers hanging at the rear end of the truck, I confirmed this with the garbage collector.  Yes, he said they also segregate white papers and sell them to the junk shop.  However, he said, they must be in big volumes.

Resolution: I will not go to the junk shops anymore to sell my recyclable wastes.  I will give my white paper wastes together with other segregated recyclable wastes to the garbage collectors so that they can sell them to the junk shops and have additional income for the day.  I just have to make sure my recyclable wastes are properly segregated and placed in proper containers.


See the cardboards they segregated.


See the plastic bag containing the white paper wastes.


 Gave them this big bag of white paper wastes.



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White Paper Waste for Recycling

For the past so many years, circa 2009 I believe or earlier, I have been collecting white paper waste for recycling.  I would usually bring and sell it to the junk shop. The price is about P7 per kilo.  Then, I would distribute the money that I got from the sale of white paper to my children and my house help.

Today, I decided to give it to a maintenance personnel from our village when I saw him collecting cardboards to be sold to the junk shop.

My white paper waste has decreased in volume since after my retirement in 2014.  It  would take me now about 4 to 5 months to reach an enough volume to bring to the junk shop.  I now would find the white paper waste collection space occupying.  I thought of giving it to the garbage collectors.  However, from experience, the garbage collector would just mix the white paper waste with the other wastes they would collect that in the end, the white paper waste is not brought to recycling or to the junk shop.

Two weeks ago, I met an 78-year-old scavenger in the village and I took pity on her.  I offered to give her my white paper wastes.  However, she never came back to get the stuff. So, today, I decided to give it to the maintenance personnel collecting junks to be sold to the junk shop.  I ended achieving two things at the same time:  white paper waste recycling and helping this maintenance personnel financially.



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History of my ganglion cyst on my right thumb

This can be seen in

Updated: 17oct16

See also:

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Certificate of Good Standing – Philippine College of Surgeons – ROJoson – 2016

Latest official certification – 2016

Still in good standing as of 2017

I became a Fellow of the Philippine College of Surgeons in 1982.

Retrieved certificate in October 1, 2017



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ROJoson’s Education for Health Development in the Philippines

One of his missions in life is to contribute to the health development in the Philippines through education.  This mission started in 1990 when, as Director of the UP College of Medicine Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, he designed a structured Department of Health-UPCM Postgraduate Circuit Courses in four provincial hospitals in the Philippines (Ilagan, Isabela in Luzon; Aklan in the Visayas; Koronadal in South Cotobato and Oroquieta in Misamis Occidental, both in Mindanao).

He then went on to develop a structured general surgery training program using a distance education mode from 1991 to 1997 in Zamboanga City Medical Center.  With this program, he added 7 trained general surgeons to the pool of 2 that served the 3 million population of Western Mindanao.

In 1994, he helped established the Zamboanga Medical School Foundation (now the Ateneo de Zamboanga University School of Medicine).   He helped designed a community-based, competency-based, and problem-based learning medical curriculum for the school.  This curriculum was adopted by several medical schools in the Philippines, one in Legazpi, Albay in 1995; one, in Cebu in 1996, and another one in Naga, Camarines Sur, in 2001.

Since 1990 to present (2017), he has been actively giving lectures and learning sessions in surgery, medical education, hospital administration, community health, hospital disaster management, and other health related topics in various parts of the Philippines and also in Asia.

Since 2011, he has been using Facebook as a vehicle to promote his Education for Health Development in the Philippines.  Even before Facebook, he has websites (, Google Sites, and to promote his Education for Health Development in the Philippines.


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