Learning and Re-learning English Words or Phrases

Assumption and acceptance: I am not a perfect human being even up to this point in my life (ATM – 72 years old – October 31, 2021). I still don’t know a lot of English words or phrases. English has been my primary language; Tagalog, second language; Chinese, third language. I don’t think I will be able to know the meaning of every English words or phrases even up to the time of my death. What is important is for me to keep on learning as long as I can and as abled. [Note: This will be part of my project to stay productive, to continue to have zest in life, to prevent depression, etc. up to my graduation day.] [[[Should I consider learning and re-learning Chinese language also?]]]

Starting today, October 31, 2021 (part of my reset and refocus program), I will list down the English words that I have learned or have relearned. Target: at least one word or phrase a month.

October 31, 2021


(I have not used this word before. Will start using it soon.).


  • A diary is a book to record events as they happen.
  • A journal is a book used to explore ideas that take shape.

The main difference between journal and diary is that a journal is a personal record where you can pen your thoughts, observations, and experiences, while a diary is a book where you note down important things to keep track of them. Journals and diaries are books where you can keep a record of events and experiences.

There may be overlaps.

To Do List = DIARY

List of Things Done = DIARY

Thoughts and Reflections = JOURNAL [to include sporadic notes on observation and experiences; problem-based learning notes; thoughts, perceptions, opinions and recommendations (TPORs)]


November 2021


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ROJOSON’s Lectures and Teaching Activities – 2021

ROJOSON’s Lectures –Talks –2021

Target: 12

Actual –  39  (COVID19 Lockdown)

Compared to 12 in 2020 (COVID19 Lockdown)

1March 10, 2021Systematic / Systems Approach in Hospital using ROJoson Department Design and Development FrameworkUP-CPH MHA HA 202 StudentsUPCPH ZOOM
2March 31, 2021Department of SurgeryUP-CPH MHA HA 202 StudentsUPCPH ZOOM
3April 7, 2021Department of Emergency MedicineUP-CPH MHA HA 202 StudentsUPCPH ZOOM
4April 14, 2021Hospital Quality AccreditationUP-CPH MHA HA 202 StudentsUPCPH ZOOM
5April 24, 2021COVID19 Safety, VAXXS66, and FeverXavier School Class 66 Birthday of Jose Ong LimZoom  
6May 15, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: COVID19 – Safety ProgramLaypeople ~18Zoom
7May 22, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: COVID19 – Home ManagementLaypeople ~19Zoom
8May 29, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: COVID19 – Hospital ManagementLaypeople ~30Zoom
9June 3, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: COVID19 – Safety ProgramLaypeople >30Zoom
10June 5, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: COVID19 – Home ManagementLaypeople >30Zoom
11June 8, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: COVID19 – Hospital ManagementLaypeople >40Zoom
12June 19, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: Patient Empowerment ProgramLaypeople >30Zoom
13June 26, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: Strategies on Patient EmpowermentLaypeople >30Zoom
14July 3, 2021When do we say a patient is empowered?Laypeople >40Zoom
15July 10, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: Patient Management Process – an OverviewLaypeople >50Zoom
16July 17, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: PMP – Clinical Diagnostic ProcessLaypeople >45Zoom
17July 24, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: PMP – Paraclinical Diagnostic ProcessLaypeople >40Zoom
18July 31, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: PMP – Selection of Treatment ProcessLaypeople >40Zoom
19August 7. 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: PMP – Advice to Patient ProcessLaypeople >40Zoom
20August 14, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: PMP – Peculiarities and Limitations of Medical PracticeLaypeople >55Zoom
21August 21, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: Rights in Patient Empowerment – Basic RightsLaypeople ~50Zoom
22August 28, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: Patient Autonomy and Advance DirectiveLaypeople >50Zoom
23September 3, 2021Case Presentation and Discussion and Journal Appraisal UPCM-PGH LU7 (Surg 260) – 8 studentsZoom
24September 4, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: Staying Healthy and Contented – Introduction and Intentional Living PlanLaypeople >40Zoom
25September 11, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: Staying Healthy and Contented – Healthy Lifestyle PlanLaypeople >40Zoom
26September 18, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: Staying Healthy and Contented – Screening and Periodic Health CheckLaypeople >40Zoom
27September 25, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: Staying Healthy and Contented – Early Diagnosis and Early TreatmentLaypeople >45Zoom
28October 2, 2021ROJ-PEP-TALK: Staying Healthy and Contented – First Aid and Basic Medical CareLaypeople >50Zoom
29October 9, 2021Staying Healthy and Contented – Food Supplements – Are They Necessary?Laypeople >35Zoom
30October 23, 2021Fundamentals and Generalities in Cancer DevelopmentLaypeople >35Zoom
31October 30, 2021Fundamentals and Generalities in Medical Management of Cancer –Part 1Laypeople ~30Zoom
32November 6, 2021Fundamentals and Generalities in Medical Management of Cancer –Part 2Laypeople ~30Zoom
33November 12, 2021Case Presentation and Discussion and Journal Appraisal UPCM-PGH LU7 (Surg 260) – 6 studentsZoom
34November 13, 2021Fundamentals and Generalities in Breast Cancer DevelopmentLaypeople ~30Zoom
35November 20, 2021Fundamentals and Generalities in Medical Management of Breast Cancer –Part 1Laypeople ~30Zoom
36November 27, 2021Fundamentals and Generalities in Medical Management of Breast Cancer –Part 2Laypeople ~30Zoom
37December 5, 2021Psychosocial Support for Cancer Patients Psychosocial Support for Cancer PatientsLaypeople ~30Zoom
38December 11, 2021Breast Self-Examination: To Do or Not to DoLaypeople ~30Zoom
39December 18, 2021Doing self-exam of your body is loving your bodyLaypeople ~30Zoom

ROJoson Lecture Project for 2021

I ended the year with 39 lectures compared to 12 in 2020.


Plan for 2022: Still with the target of minimum of 12. May go beyond this number as I will continue with my ROJoson PEP Talk – weekly lecture – every Saturday. I am thinking of doing ROJoson HQSMS Talk starting January 2022. [Hospital Quality and Safety Management System]

ROJ@21sept9; 21nov28;21dec18

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Facebook blocked me for my post – August 14, 2021 – on PEP TALK

August 14, 2021 – after the ROJoson PEP Talk (Patient Empowerment Program Talk), a second after I posted the pictures in the Zoom Meeting, I got a notice from Facebook that I violated its Community Standards. It blocked me for one day. I answered: I disagreed. Facebook reviewed and on August 15, 2021, it revoked its decision.

2nd incident this year (2021)

Facebook deleted my post – March 31, 2021 – on COVID-19

Facebook also apologized for the error.

Hassle. Anyway, I am back.


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Almost all clinics are still on TELEMEDICAL CONSULTATION mode – 2021

Almost all clinics are still on telemedical consultation for initial consult. SO DO I. Especially, now back to ECQ for NCR (August 6 to August 20, 2021). Protocols from PGH.

July 31, 2021


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Start your computers way before an online meeting or conference

July 24, 2021

A lesson I learn today.

When I opened my laptop at about 8 am to start browsing for online Holy Rosary Recitation as I decided to stay in my room for a stationary jogging or walking because of the rain outside, the laptop started with a screen saying it was “fixing” the system. It is more than one hour now and the fixing is not yet done. I don’t know when it is going to end.

If I have an online meeting or conference to attend at 830am or even 900am, then I will not be able to use my laptop. I will panic and look for other way to make sure that I will be able to join the online meeting or conference.

I have a regular PEP Talk every Saturday 2 to 3 pm since May 15, 2021. Today, I have another one this afternoon. It was good that I discovered the hitch this morning. Otherwise, I will panic if I opened my laptop at 1 or 130 pm.

Lessons learned:

You cannot predict what will happen to your laptop computers. A lot of time, they boot readily and in a few minutes. However, a hitch can happen anytime without your being able to predict when it will happen – like this incident I reported above.

So, I will open my laptop computer at least 2 hours before an online meeting or conference. Reminded me of my usual advice to speakers to be at the venue at least one hour before the talk to prepare (such as slides, projector, speakers, etc.) and give allowance to fix hitches that may occur.

Or, have a back-up or another laptop (I am now using this back-up laptop as of 930am – one and a half hour now – the “fixing” is not yet done).


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Video Editing

July 19, 2021

Today, I practically spent the whole day learning to edit videos (specifically – trimming and adding). I had use VLC before to trim videos. I found it tedious especially for long videos. My daughter introduced me to OpenShot. So, I tried to learn it. After so many tries, I finally got a feel of it. Not yet a master but was able to trim and add already.

I have made a resolution early this year to learn video editing. I have accomplished this resolution.


Hooray to me!

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Changing the starting slide number

For one month or two, I have been trying to figure out how to change the starting slide number. I have a powerpoint which I don’t know why it suddenly started with No. 12 after I copied and changed the file name.


July 10, 2021 – decided to Google and found the answer.

Change the starting slide number

  1. On the Design tab, in the Customize group, click Slide Size, and then click Custom Slide Size.
  2. In the Slide Size dialog box, in the Number slides from box, enter the number that you want to show on the first slide in your presentation, and then click OK.

Just Google any IT concerns and may be a lot of other concerns, right away to find a quick answer – my new resolution.

At age 72, it shows that I can still learn and I resolve to continue learning something new in IT / computer. I advise my co-senior citizen to do the same. It is a good strategy to keep one mind sharp and prevent cognitive decline, if not to use the word dementia.


Computer literacy and information technology competency recommended for all including seniors


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Hospital Bed Wait for COVID19 Patients


FILE PHOTO: Suspected coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients lie on hospital beds outside the emergency room of Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center, in Marikina City, Metro Manila, Philippines, April 19, 2021. REUTERS/Lisa Marie David
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An Advice: Get a medical certificate or clearance for COVID19 vaccination if you don’t want to have hassle and delay in vaccination

Case in point:

A 55-year-old female patient had history of breast cancer (2017).

She had her first Sinovac vaccination dose in April 8, 2021. She did not present any medical certificate or clearance during this first vaccination. She was vaccinated without any significant adverse effect.

She went for her second dose on May 6, 2021 again without a medical certificate or clearance. She was denied vaccination and was told to have a medical certificate or clearance from her physician. Despite arguing that she was already vaccinated once without any significant side effects and that her physician (me) has not been holding clinic since 2020, just the same, she was denied her second dose and was told to have a lot of screening diagnostic tests and come back.

She contacted me and told me her disappointment and sadness. (Her mother is still in a hospital being treated for COVID19 infection.)

I saw the lab request for CBC, urinalysis, lipid profile, FBS, BUN, creatinine, uric acid, cholesterol, chest x-ray, ECG, etc. Wow. I was looking at a ritualistic and a maximalist physician clearing a patient for COVID19 vaccination. As a minimalist physician and knowing the patient’s history, there was no need for these tests. As mentioned in the WHO and CDC guidelines at least, I hope DOH has the same, the foremost contraindication (in fact the only contraindication) for COVID19 vaccination is an anaphylactic reaction to the first dose. HAY NAKU.

Empathizing, I issued her a medical certificate / clearance for COVID19 vaccination and asked her to go back to the vaccination center and report to me of the outcome.

I asked her why she did not approach me through telemedical consultation (she is a Facebook friend). She has a lot of excuses but in the end regretted she did not approach me.

I have been giving free medical certicates to my patients. Since April 5 or 6, 2021, I have issued about 50 certificates already without needing the diagnostic tests ordered above.

MORALE: For anybody going for a COVID19 vaccination, get a medical certificate or clearance from your family physician first before going to the center for vaccination. The medical certificate or clearance will save you from a fruitless trip to the vaccination center (as well as another going-out-house exposure risk for COVID19). Also, the medical clearance will save from unnecessary laboratory exams.



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[COVID19-ROJ] Oratio Imperata for the Protection Against COVID19


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