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Giving recyclable wastes to garbage collectors for additional income

October 22, 2017 While doing my walking exercise this morning, I chanced upon a garbage truck. I know that the garbage collectors usually segregate the recyclables and sell them to the junk shops after they have done their day’s work.  … Continue reading

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History of my ganglion cyst on my right thumb

This can be seen in As of October 2019, 2 years after the last recurrence in 2017, NO recurrence. Updated: 17oct16;19oct18 See also:

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Certificate of Good Standing – Philippine College of Surgeons – ROJoson – 2016

Latest official certification – 2016 Still in good standing as of 2017 I became a Fellow of the Philippine College of Surgeons in 1982. Retrieved certificate in October 1, 2017 ROJ@17oct1

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