What’s in a day anyway? January 1, 2, 3 – 2022

January 1, 2022 – first day of the year 2022.

January 2, 2022 – first Sunday of the year 2022. It is a special day because it is a day of obligation for us Roman Catholics. Have to hear Mass.

January 3, 2022 – first day of working days for the year 2022.

I started each of the above days with a 3-km walking exercise, with rosary recital, gardening, house cleaning, etc. before I took a bath and then have breakfast with my wife. This is my morning routine. I did not change my routine just because a day is a special day for something. If there is a special activity that I have to do within the special day, I just insert it in my routinary schedule.

When I was doing my walking exercises during the past 3 days, I was reminded of the blog that I wrote before and I told myself I will review it. I still stick to my stance and attitude after the review.

Here is the blog that I wrote in November 2020:


Although I take note that a day in my life is just like any day with phases of morning, afternoon and evening and with an identifying mark on what day it is in the calendar;

Although I take note that a day in my life could a holiday in the community;

Although I take note that a day in my life could be a special day for me like my birthday, birthday of my family members, wedding anniversary, recognition day; special project day, etc.;

In the end, for me, the day or today is a day in which I have to accomplish my Intentional Living Plan for the day wherein I have routinary activities as well as tasks and projects in the my “things to do list” to accomplish so that I can achieve the goals of my Intentional Living Plan. I put emphasis on “life in a day” whatever that day is.

This stance and attitude towards a day or today contribute to my producing a meaningful, productive, contented and happy life for myself.

I intend to maintain and sustain this stance and attitude throughout the rest of life.


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