ROJoson Telemedical Consultation – Monthly Reminder – 2022

Monthly Reminder


Telemedical Consultation – New Normal_roj_20may15_16


ROJoson Telemedical Consultation

You can avail of my ROJoson Telemedical Consultation with Video Medical Examination preferably using ZOOM.

Step 1:

Read Primer on ROJoson Telemedical Consultation:

Step 2:

If interested, request Facebook Friendship of Rojoson Telemedicalconsultation (

Step 3:

Request appointment through cellphone.

SMS or text ROJoson at 09188040304 with the following details:

Type this first:

“I have read the Primer on ROJoson Telemedical Consultation and have agreed to the terms and conditions set in the Primer.”

1. Complete name, age and sex

2. Concern to consult ROJoson:

3. Desired date and time of consultation:

4. Cellphone #:

5. Email address:

6. Facebook account (name or link to profile):

Step 4: After completing the steps above, wait for ROJoson’s response through SMS. He may give further instructions aside from the appointment date and time.


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