Breast Self-Examination – ROJoson Monthly Reminder

Monthly Reminder on Breast Self-Examination


Monthly reminder to all women to catch a breast cancer early enough in case it occurs as breast cancers are usually not painful and will get unnoticed.

Monthly breast self-exam is life saving and it costs nothing.

Look for anything unusual on your breasts (unusual feel, unusual contour, unusual nipple discharge). If there is anything unusual, consult a breast specialist (general surgeon) right away. Do not procrastinate the consultation. Do not be afraid to consult as the latter can allay your anxiety right away if non-cancer breast condition is found (note majority will be benign or not cancer). If unfortunately the breast condition turns out to be cancer, you have accomplished your duty to yourself and to your breast to have discovered it early enough. If a breast cancer is found, have it treated right away by a breast specialist – again do not procrastinate until the cancer becomes difficult to treat anymore, until the cancer spreads to another areas of the body.

If you love yourself, make it a regular health habit.

Remember monthly breast self examination is simple and it costs nothing. Don’t rely too much on diagnostic tests alone without doing monthly breast self exam. These tests are usually done after there are findings on monthly breast examination and after a breast specialist clinical breast examination.

Do your breast self-exam (BSE) now!

For illustrations, Google
“How to do Breast Self-Examination – ROJoson”

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