Challenges in retrieving Facebook’s files and posts

Challenges in retrieving Facebook’s files and posts

Update: June 17, 2019

Discovered hitch in retrieving old posts using “Activity Log” in Timeline on June 15 to 16, 2019.  Search results only show posts in Groups, not in Timeline.

Discovered a way out.  Control F – find – then type search word.  Posts with the search word in Timelines, Pages, and Groups will come out.

A new discovery after 2 days of problem-solving.

June 12, 2019

Discovered today or refined learning today:

  1. No “find” or “search” engines in pages and groups.  Will not waste my time anymore in looking for old posts.  Just place important files and posts that you may want to archive on “Notes,” “Files,” and “Photo Albums.”
  2. There is a “find” or “search” engine (only) in Timelines.  Use the “Activity Log” and type in a key word (recommend one word only rather than more than one word unless you are sure of the exact tag phrase you have typed before, otherwise, you end with a “no result found”).  Suggest placing tags in your posts in your timelines to facilitate retrieval.
  3. “Activity Log” in Timeline can only locate direct posts and albums.  It cannot retrieve shared posts.
  4. Will reinforce (reset and refocus) my practice of putting posts first on my and then share them to Facebook.  This will be easier to retrieve my files and posts.


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