My harness of yesteryears

Updated: 19jun23

Harness of 19 to 22 years

Fixed and used it again – 19jun23 – in Anilao





Today, my harness of 19 to 22 years got torn again.  I will have it fixed in a few days so that I can use it again.


In August 24, 2017, I posted this in Facebook:

ROJoson’s Happiness, Satisfaction and Productivity – 17aug24
Today, I was able to have my waist harness (see the black one on the ground) fixed by an upholstery shop . This waist harness has been with me for about 17 years at least, if not 20 years. I bought it second-hand for my windsurfing activity (which started 17 to 20 years ago). For the past 10 years, there were tears on the side that prevented me from using it as a harness anymore (see sample pictures on what I meant by harness in windsurfing). I just use it as a floater whenever I indulge in water sports (in the sea). 5 years ago, I had it sewn. However, it tore again. A few days ago, I made a resolution that I will go back to water sports (swimming, stand-up paddling, snorkeling, sailing and even back to windsurfing) to add to my walking exercise and relaxation regimen) [staying alive up to 70]. I will have the harness fixed again (rather than buy a new one). I brought the harness back to Manila last Monday and started looking for somebody / some shop to repair it. Mr. Quickie does not fix it. I was referred to upholstery shops. Today, I found one upholstery shop near my place. In 10 minutes the repair was done for P100. Am so happy I can still use an old harness (17 – 20 years old). Sticking to my motto: Use it up to the time that it is no longer usable. …. Lancer box-type car, lap-top, camera, my 40-year blanket (given to me by a grateful PGH patient, etc.


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