Valedictory of a teacher to her students

During a clutter management activity of my files and in an attempt to compile the childhood pictures of my wife and two children, I saw this Powerpoint made by a class teacher, Ms. Elisa Afable of Ateneo de Manila as her valedictory message to her 7-Regis class in March 2002.  My son was in that class.

I especially like / love 2 slides in her Powerpoint which I will reproduce her.  The advice touches on Man for Others and Desiderata which are close to my heart.  They are still apt today to any students and to any persons for that matter.

“You should have the determination that whether you win or lose, you have applied the best of yourself.  And please remember that no mater how high you rise, never forget that you have started at ground level.  Even if you were born to a great privilege, you were born as a helpless babe, nonetheless. Real success comes not in thinking you have arrived at a position where others should serve you but in recognizing that in whatever place you are at, you have arrived at a position where you can serve others.  Fifteen years from now, it will not matter if you have the latest model of cars or maybe you got a big break. It will matter fifteen years from now, that you made a commitment to serve Gd through serving your fellowmen, BY BEING A TRUE MAN FOR OTHERS.

Lastly, I want you to reflect on the last line of the famous DESIDERATA.  True happiness is within yourselves and its degree depends on how you look and appreciate things that make you happy.  Don’t compare yourself with other people because you will find people greater and lesser than you.  If you find people greater than you, you will feel depressed and envious of the blessings they possess like money, beauty, talent, fame and power.  Always bear in mind that you are one of a kind.  Try to see the brighter side of life.  If you fail, make failure as an inspiration to do better next time.  Because failure only reminds that you lack something.  Try to discover this lack so that you can fulfill it.  Expecting too much will make you feel miserable because you are waiting for something in return for what you have done. Even how humble where you are at, make the most of it.  Try to achieve something each day.  Every night before you sleep, reflect on it.  And you will feel great for what  you have done.  People need people.  Everyone needs someone to share his life, his dreams, his aspirations and his inner thoughts.  People make us grow mentally and emotionally because we learn a lot from them.”





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