Sideswipe vehicular accident – 19may23


At about 1500H to 1600H, along Taft Avenue, I had a sideswipe vehicular accident.  The tail part of the car I was driving was sideswiped by a white Fortuner.

Fortunately, there was no dent in the car that I was driving.  Just scratches with white paint from the Fortuner.  I forgave the driver of the Fortuner and did not ask for compensation anymore.   Reasons: I was tired already from my clinic session; it is a hassle to file claims; cars are meant to be bumped; etc.   Just consider this as a good deed for the day.

Was I at fault? Did I swerve wrongly? I was swideswiped at the tail-end by the other car, not in the main body.  By current standards, the driver of the Fortuner was at fault.

At any rate, next time, I should be more mindful of such accident and be vigilant against it and I should learn from this experience.


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