Election – May 2019

19may12 FB Post


Some, if not a lot, of my more than 6,000 patients and followers at Facebook are asking me who will I vote in tomorrow’s election for senators.
In the past, I have always kept the list of who I would vote as a matter of private and confidential information. When my friends would ask me, I would say “I will decide on the day of election” or more specifically, “when I am in the voting booth.” However, this year or today, on the eve of the mid-term election, I am divulging my list (tentative though as I may change the list in the final minute tomorrow when I am in the voting booth). Main reasons – First, I have some, if not a lot, of my more than 6,000 patients and followers at Facebook who are asking me who will I vote in tomorrow’s election for senators. Second, as formally mentioned by a patient and a FB follower in her feedback to me yesterday (19may11 – see attached photo), “thank you for giving us a peek of your everyday life,” I now really feel I should answer the question asked of me. They want to know my stand and my list of senators whom I will vote, for whatever reasons (probably for information only or to be guided by me). Note: I have not made up my mind yet on whom to vote in Makati. I and my family will have a consensus meeting tomorrow on whom to vote for the local government candidates. For senators, we already had a consensus meeting. We will all have the same list.
When I disclose my list of senatorial candidates whom I will vote tomorrow, I like to remind everybody that
– it is my personal list (and my family).
– I am not forcing anyone (and I cannot do this) to follow my list (everybody is free to vote anybody he/she likes).
– I have NO political affiliation.
– I have not sold and will not sell my vote.
– I have NO coercion from anybody or from any institution though I am influenced by the information I have gotten, studied and analyzed – main criterion that I used – what is best for the future of the Philippines.
– I hope my list will be respected as a personal preference as I would respect other peoples’ preferences.

Here is my list:

Macalintal (41)
Alejano (5)
Tanada (59)
Hilbay (37)
Gutoc (36)
Roxas (57)
Aquino, Bam (9)
Diokno (25)

Reasons for including these senatorial candidates (as elaborated and convinced to me by my classmate – Dr. Rex Motus Mendoza)

-To keep the Senate independent and not subservient to anyone
-To check & balance the unthinking ways of the House of Representatives
To put sanity to some programs of the administration
To have trustworthy people guarding and fighting for what should be in running the government
To have people with intelligence to make proper laws for the country
To have a thinking Senate!

To the candidates:
Good luck to all candidates for Senate tomorrow!
Good luck to all candidates in the mid-term election tomorrow!

To the voters:
Vote based on your discernment. Do not sell your votes. Respect other voters’ selection.

All for a better Philippines!



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