Hassle to write checks nowadays – ROJoson – February 2019



It is really a hassle to write a bank check nowadays.

Not again.

I have been trying to conform to the rules.

I recently wrote a symbol of “and.”  From past experience, see below, they do not accept my symbol for “and.”  After I accidentally wrote the symbol, I remembered it is not acceptable. So, I placed below the symbol the word “and” just to tell whoever accepting the check what the symbol means, NO ERASURE, NO CROSSING OUT OF WORD, etc.   I thought this will be acceptable. But NO. I have to reissue another check.  What a hassle!



It is really a hassle to write a bank check nowadays.

We have to conform to the stringent rules set in 2016:

All banks in the Philippines are no longer accepting “checks bearing erasures or alterations on any information on date, name of payee, amount in figures, amount in words, signatures, account name and number and check number.”

With the new ruling, every time I issue a check, I have been very anxious of wrong spelling, erasures, etc. as any violation will cause my check not to be accepted and re-issuing costs P5 per check.  Also, I heard if the check is initially accepted and later rejected, there is a penalty to the issuer.  I heard the amount costs hundreds of pesos.

Most recently,  I encountered another bad experience.

I had a bad experience before in which my issued check was not accepted because of I put a coma after “PLDT” before the “Inc.” and I was told a word., “seven.” had some alteration.



Early February, 2019, I issued two checks for Meralco.  My checks were not accepted by both the bank and Meralco.

Here are my two issued checks.  Scrutinize first what were the alleged violations before I tell you the full story.  Don’t look at the erasures on the signatures that I did for purpose of this publication on the Net.  Just look at the other handwritten entries.





Honestly, do you notice any violation? There was no erasure or alterations with correct spelling.

Guess what.



I was surprised and reacted negatively when I was told the symbol for “and” (see the encircled part in red) was the cause for rejecting my hand-written checks.  They said it looked like the number two (2).  Thus, the rejection.  I was forced to re-issue the two checks, this time using no symbol for “and.” I spelled out the “and.”



I have been using this symbol for “and” for the past 35 years or so.   It is an accepted symbol for “and.”  I searched the Internet and it shows the acceptable symbols for “and.”


Beside, in the previous checks that I issued with the same symbol for “and,” they were not questioned.

In the 2016 memo of Philippine Clearing House Corporation, there was no mention of non-usage of symbols and abbreviations.

What a hassle really in writing checks nowadays.

At the rate the banks and companies are scrutinizing the written checks, they should be issuing detailed primers to teach people how to write checks.



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