Statement from ROJoson on “Retirement” Concern by Patients

Statement from ROJoson on “Retirement” Concern by Patients
From February 1, 2019 up to at least January 31, 2024, age 70 to 75 years, as part of my next 5-year intentional life plan, I am NOT completely retiring yet from my private medical and surgical practice in Manila Doctors Hospital and Philippine General Hospital. I will continue to hold clinic 3x a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays – mornings). Call 5224713 for a booked appointment time if you want to see me.
I still do not have dementia. I am still physically and mentally healthy to treat patients.
For your information and guidance.
Dr. Rey
February 1, 2019
Since October 2018 up to a few days before my 70th Birthday on January 31, 2019, there were quite a number of patients who rushed to my clinic to have a “last consultation” with me and to have operation to be done by me because of the thinking that I will “retire” already. Retirement to them means that I will stop completely my medical practice. This is the fear of those patients who have complete trust on me and who do not want to be treated by other physicians except me.
Retirement at Age 70 – Misinterpreted I got this message on 19feb1 (Friday), a day after my birthday, 19jan31 (Thursday). “I was not able to come back to your clinic until your last day (of clinic). Whom will I see for my thyroid and breast concerns?” This patient misinterpreted my writings on my birthday, January 31, 2019. She thought I will completely retire after I reach 70 on that day.


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