Writing checks to improve handwriting

All banks in the Philippines are no longer accepting “checks bearing erasures or alterations on any information on date, name of payee, amount in figures, amount in words, signatures, account name and number and check number.”

Below is a sample of check that was rejected:



Point No. 1: There should be NO coma daw after “PLDT” before the “Inc.”
Point No. 2: The word “seven” has some alteration.
Thus, the bank or even PLDT did not accept this check.

Although it is a hassle to write checks nowadays, as one has to conform to the stringent rules, I see it as a good training, particularly for the doctors issuing checks, to improve on their handwriting – to be constantly conscious of what they write, making sure to avoid wrong spelling, wrong strokes, unclear strokes, etc.  There is no room for erasures and corrections or alterations.


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