Clutter Management of Old Hard Files of Documents and Writings

ROJoson’s Way

Old hard files of documents and writings (particularly non-legal ones like medical documents and writings)

Decide which will be useful for current use and for future use.

Most likely not useful – discard.

More or most likely useful – archive by digitalizing (scan or take pictures – jpeg) – place a file name with key words that will facilitate search and retrieval.

Then choose one of the following options:

– store in computer with backup (USB or external hard drive) under proper folders.

– place in cloud (Net –; Google Sites;  Scribd; Slideshare; Email boxes; Facebook; etc.) for additional backup and for easy retrieval when needed anywhere anytime outside the house.  Decide which ones can be safely placed in the cloud.

(Note1: for less important ones – may just store in the cloud without archiving in computer)

(Note2: preferably have backup in the cloud, meaning at least 2 cloud storages such as Google Sites and; Slideshare and; Scribd and Google Sites; etc.)

(Note 3: decide which ones can be publicized in the Net or cloud – which ones should be kept private – and act accordingly.)


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