Walking the dog enhances compassion in me

If I recall right, my wife adopted Jhun-Jhun Bato (a dog) sometime in 2013.   Since then up to this writing (18feb6),  I have been taking turns in walking Jhun.  Note: In 2014, I reached my mandatory age of retirement from government services and I retired from hospital administration.

Today, when I walked Jhun (morning and afternoon), I told myself that walking a dog enhances compassion in me and for anybody who walks a dog regularly.

Vocabulary.com defines compassion as follows:

“If someone shows kindness, caring, and a willingness to help others, they’re showing compassion.”

If I walk my wife’s dog everyday as a routine (every afternoon and sometimes, morning, when my wife cannot walk him), I feel I show kindness, caring and a willingness to help him.

The dog has to pee and poo.  The dog is trained to pee and poo in the street, not in the house.  Walking him at least twice a day enables him to pee and poo (good for his health).

The dog has to do some exercises.  Although we allow him to roam around the house (unless there are visitors), he still need to walk long distance for his daily exercise.  Walking him half a kilometer at least twice a day enables him to exercise his legs (good for his health).

The other benefits on the dog’s side when I walk him, he meets and interacts with other dogs whether friendly or hostile and also walking outside the house breaks his boredom (oftentimes, we bring him along for a short and long car ride and excursion to the beach).

Doing the above, I got the feeling that I am showing kindness, caring and a willingness to help Jhun the dog.  For this, I think I am showing compassion to our dog.   Being compassionate to our dog I feel enhances my compassion for people, particularly my patients.





anilao_junjun_rj_16jan31 (2)


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