My Experience with Computers

I wrote this manuscript as part of the learning materials for Computers in Health Sciences Education in 1999.

My Experience with Computers

I am a health care provider.

I am a health education professional.

I am NOT a computer specialist.

My experience with computers can be glimpsed from the following chronological enumeration of events:

  1. I acquired a Personal Computer (PC) XT model in 1985. I started to learn word processing using a DOS-based Wordstar 4 program to create and edit documents.
  2. From 1985 up to 1995, although I acquired newer models of PC, such as 386 in 1994, my computer experience was still confined to word processing using DOS-based Wordstar 4.
  3. In 1995, I acquired an IBM Aptiva 486. I started learning word processing using a Windows-based program.
  4. In 1997, I started learning how to surf the Internet.
  5. In 1999, I started learning how to create webpages with the theme of Education for Health Development in the Philippines.


I learned how to manipulate the computer on a
hands-on, trial and error basis.

Such self-learning really consumed a lot of time. However, the satisfaction after learning something was greater than I could ever imagine.

I like to share the following experiences:

  • The best way to learn to use the computer is hands-on and frequent usage. Lecturing and reading without hands-on are futile.
  • Learning how to use computer can consume a lot of time if there is no one to guide you. However, if you are patient and perseverant, you can learn computer through self-study.
  • The most efficient way to teach and learn computer is by demonstration and return demonstration.
  • When learning how to use computers, think of how you drive a car. Although it is ideal to know everything about the parts and system of a car (and the computer), one need not go to that extent, or at least initially. One can still use the car and computer to suit one’s need just by knowing the elemental things in driving a car and operating a computer.

In this program, I do not expect you to learn how to make webpages. What is enough, as a starter, is to know how to turn on the computer, use it for some basic tasks needed in health science education and then park it (turn it off).


Update after 1999:

“In 1999, I started learning how to create webpages with the theme of Education for Health Development in the Philippines.”

At present (2017 – 18 years after),  I know a lot already. Not everything but a lot. Enough to make me communicate and do public health education easily through the Internet.

I know how to use emails and how to blog.  I started with (stopped already).  I am now using, Google Sites, Slideshare, Scribd, You tube, etc.  Of course, I am using Facebook since June 2011.  Will continue to learn and refine.


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