ROJoson’s Internet Journey, Social Media and Pledge to Abide on Professional Use in Health Care

ROJoson’s Internet Journey, Social Media and Pledge to Abide on Professional Use in Health Care

I started my Internet Journey circa 1985. (I recalled Dr. Philip Ng, surgical residency graduate from Philippine General Hospital, introduced me to the PC – Personal Computer – then emails; I recalled subscribing to; etc.)

I attended a short introductory course on computer programming in La Salle, Taft Avenue, circa 1986-1987.  I tried learning the HTML.  I was trying to learning website making using the facilities of University of the Philippines Manila Telehealth.

In 1990, I used the free to publish a website, the first: Education for Health Development in the Philippines (


Thereafter, self-learned in making websites and blogs and placing in sites offering free hosting (, then google sites,, and Facebook among others), I have more than 300 websites (as of August 2017). See

I decided to put websites in the Internet because I wanted to share info, inspire and improve the health of Filipino people.  Everything is under the umbrella of my advocacy tagged as Education for Health Development in the Philippines.

The other reason why I put websites in the Internet was because I wanted to publish all my past writings so they don’t vanish with me when I die.

Aside from the websites, I went into social media as it started to become popular in 1999.

Social media as defined nowadays refers to electronic communication, websites or applications through which users connect, interact or share information or other content with other individuals, collectively part of an online community. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogs, Social Networking sites. – ID Patdu 2017

“Doctors are increasingly using social media to communicate with each other and with their patients. While this has clear advantages in being quick, easy and accessible, there is also the potential for problems, not least of all because of the blurring of professional boundaries in the virtual world of the internet. Careful use of social media in order to avoid the pitfalls that exist within it is essential.” – Marika Davis, 2013

“Social Media is the new avenue for creating connections and sharing of information. Through social media, one can reach a global community.  In recent years, we have seen how social media has changed the way we do things.  Social Media has been extensively utilized for health education and promotion, proving itself to be an invaluable tool for public health, professional networking and patient care benefit.  The challenge has been to use the power afforded by social media responsibly, and to define the line between use and abuse.” ID Patdu, 2017

ID Patdu (2017) has recommended guidelines in the use of social media in healthcare – health information privacy; responsible social media activity; professionalism in social media use.

Social Media and Medical Professionalism: A Manifesto from #HealthXPh (2016)
+ I am a health care provider and I will conduct myself in a manner worthy of my profession, even online. I will not use online platforms to rant or bash patients and healthcare professionals.
+ “First, do no harm.” Recognizing this and the trust that comes with my profession, I will ensure that the information I post, like or share is accurate.
+ Whatever I post online in relation to my clinical expertise should be of benefit to my countrymen.
+ I will prioritize the promotion and advancement of health rather than of medical products. I will not practice plagiarism.
+ I will refrain from posting information online that will compromise patient confidentiality and privacy.
+ I will value the patient’s dignity and privacy by not taking selfies, groufies or videos during encounters with patients that include patients’ body parts, surgical specimens or that show patients in the background without their consent.

I am on my 27 years (2017 – 1990) of Internet journey which include using social media to infoshare, inspire and improve in the name of Education for Health Development in the Philippines.  I am projecting I will be using social media for my advocacy for another 12 years (age 80 – 68 in 2017).

I decide today (August 2, 2017) to review the guidelines on the use of social media in healthcare and try to abide by them.

I will abide by the recommendations of Patdu and #HealthXPh

If in the past (August 1, 2017 and earlier, up to 1990) I had done contrary to the guidelines, I apologize and will correct them as soon as I discover the flaws.

The Patdu’s recommendations are contained in

Dr. Reynaldo O Joson

August 2, 2017

Corrections done right away in 2016 after my attention was called for possible breaches:






Despite permissions gotten to post stories and pictures, “anytime, anybody wants to have his or her stories and pictures changed and even removed, this will be carried out as soon as possible.” – ROJoson


I have removed the names of patients when my attention was called (when I inadvertently did not hide or delete names).

I volunteered tips on how to keep confidentiality and privacy of posting pictures.

Confidentiality and privacy in posting pictures in Internet – A Tip

If one wants to promote confidentiality and privacy in posting pictures in the Internet, aside from ensuring the pictures do not identify the persons in the pictures, one should not put the names of the person (or patient) in the file name of the pictures (usually JPEG).  My experience is that file name is detectable in the website after one uploaded it. Just put a number or anything without the person’s or patient’s name.

A tip from me (ROJoson).

ROJ@17aug2; ROJ@17sept4

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