After a “Fall – Falter,” “Rise – Regain!” – A Revisit – July 2017

I have significant “Fall-Falter” events in first half of 2017 – March to June, 2017 – depression.

Starting July 1, 2017, I began to “Rise- Regain.”

I reviewed and renewed my life goals.  I set goals for the next one and a half year before I reach 70 years (January 31, 2019) – sort of a bucket list before I reach 70 years old.

I will finish my writings and online publications on the following:

  • Medical Anecdotal Reports
  • Medical Curriculum
  • Hospital Administration
  • General Surgery

I will create my own sense of well-being and happiness (along the line of to each his own).

I will be contented with what I have set as my limits (semi-retirement and slowing down in my profession; acceptance of “I can do only so much in life”).

I will put more emphasis on enjoyment of non-professional life.


After a “Fall – Falter,” “Rise – Regain!” – A Revisit – 2016

Posted on July 31, 2016by reyojoson

I have a significant “Fall-Falter” event this whole month of July, 2016.

Tomorrow, August 1, 2016, I promise I will “Rise-Regain.”


After a “Fall – Falter,” “Rise – Regain!” – A Revisit – 2014

In July 31, 2012, I coined this slogan for myself – “Fall-Falter, Rise and Regain!”

This is just one of the slogans that I have been using to help me go on in my life journey, specifically in implementing my life plan.   Some of the other slogans I use are: “It will come to pass!”; “Only do what matters most!”; “Live by the Day, by the Moment”; “You cannot do everything!”; etc.

I admit that I am not perfect.  Sometimes, or most of the times, at the frequency of at least once every 3 days, I usually feel I am going off-track in my life plans, in my daily, weekly, monthly things-t0-do plans.

What I will do is to tell myself, “fall-falter, rise and regain.”  I usually choose special days or occasions within the month to rise and regain.  The days of the month that I usually choose are the first day or 15th day of the month.  Sometimes, I use special occasions to rise and regain, such as Gregorian New Year; Lunar New Year; Easter Sunday; my Birthday; Philippine Independence Day; etc.  I also use beautiful dates to rise and regain, such as October 10; December 12, 2012 (12-12-12); etc.

Just like today, March 15, 2014, this is the middle of the month, I will rise and regain since I already felt as of yesterday that I am falling and faltering in my things-to-do plans.

“Fall-falter, rise and regain” has been very helpful to keep me on track and to help me accomplish my life plan.  Although I only officially coined the slogan in July 31, 2012, I have been practicing the principle since 1970 after my college days in UP Diliman.  At that time, I already started a habit of formulating and writing my life plan on papers.



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