5S on my digital files

April 8, 2017

With the Holy Week coming up, I plan to spend the holidays doing 5 S again (sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain) on my digital files in my USBs, external hard drives, laptop, and cameras.

I have 29 USBs as of April 8, 2017.  I currently have files in 25 USBs.


I use the USBs as folders for my digital files.  For example, one USB for hospital administration files; one for safe hospital initiative; one for personal files; one for breast files; one for thyroid and parathyroid files; one for gallbladder files; one for medical education files; one for Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center Department of Surgery files; one for Medical Anecdotal Reports; one for skin and soft tissue files; etc.

I have 4 functional external hard drives.  One is used for backing up files in USBs. One contains my videos of yesteryears. One contains archived files (non-active files). One serves as a back-up of the videos and archived files.

I have files in my laptop which I have to transfer to the USBs.

I have camera files which I have to transfer to the USBs.

With so many files, starting this year, there will be files which I will put in the cloud without a copy in my USBs.  As much as possible, there will be back-up copies in the cloud (Facebook, Google Site, and WordPress.com).

Lately, I lost some files due to corruption of the USBs.  I have to reconstruct the files which I was not to back-up right away.   SAD.  😦


  1. Have to back-up all files right away.
  2. Have to fix the USB hubs which may be corrupting my USBs.
  3. Have to read on how to retrieve files from corrupted USBs before re-formatting.
  4. Have to discard the defective USBs (not to re-use it anymore after re-formatting).

Note: I still have a lot of hard copies of documents that I used in teaching medical education and surgery circa circa 1991 that I have to digitalize.  I plan to scan the hard copies hopefully before the year ends again (I was not able to complete this task last year).


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