Clutter and Back-up Management of Digital Files

October 5, 2016

For the past 2 days, I resolved to do a clutter and back-up management of my digital files.

I have 26 USBs, 22 of which I backed-up in an external hard disk.  The last time, I did a full or whole back-up was in May 2016.  I did  a partial back-up of the USBs that were commonly used in the intervals in July 2016 before I went for a study leave.

Now, October 2016, I did a full or whole back-up except 4 USBs.  The four, I planned to clean-up and reclassify in the next few days.


I used several USBs as folders for my digital files.  For example, one USB for hospital administration files; one for safe hospital initiative; one for personal files; one for breast files; one for thyroid and parathyroid files; one for gallbladder files; one for medical education files; one for Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center Department of Surgery files; one for Medical Anecdotal Reports; one for skin and soft tissue files; etc.

I have a USB used to back-up files that I have added after I did a whole back-up.   I schedule my whole back-up activity at once every 3 months.

I have a USB to carry files that I will use for conferences or teaching.

Note: I still have a lot of hard copies of documents that I used in teaching medical education and surgery circa circa 1991 that I have to digitalize.  I plan to scan the hard copies hopefully before the year ends.


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