2016 Feedback to ROJoson’s Facebook Project

Total of 119 respondents – Thank you very much for those who gave feedback. I will continue the Project for another 5 years. Resolution: I will continue with my mission to INFOSHARE, INSPIRE and IMPROVE. Thank you very much again!


















Continue with what you are sharing thru FB. It does not only help your colleagues but it also helps us be aware of everything. Your knowledge of writing is your tool to reach other people. You educate us by your writing and it motivates us to be aware, be alert, and be conscious of our health. Commendable to all people either patients or colleagues. And with your writing it really is mightier than sword. Kudos!
I am one of your many patients who undergo thyroidectomy in 1992. My mother, Zenaida Villanueva , is a breast cancer patient of yours way back in 1996. And through this I would like to thank you for taking care of us. I hope my feedback will add to the completion of your project. Thank you very much Dr. Rey Joson. God bless.
More power n good health to u doc
Thank you for being here
you’ve been a valuable partner in my quest to provide the best health care for my folks all these years. thank you for being patient, and for the gift of friendship. i am learning a lot. but please bear with my outrageous, sometimes silly ideas. (like cauterizing the wound. hehehehe ….) all the best to you rey ! cheers!
I’ve learned much from your blogs. The knowledge you share is already distilled and very practical. Since I have a shorter attention span, I like reading your articles, rather than reading textbooks or journals. Thank you, I appreciate your effort and legacy of continuing education. God bless you, your family, and your work.
Continue, Don’t stop.
Sir, Thank you so much for sharing yourself to us. You helped me to be the surgeon that Iam now. Your teachings during our residency were valuable that up until now we are using. Even the MAR, lahat po ng nangyayari po sa akin, profession or otherwise,I learn to reflect tulad ng MAR po natin. Maraming marami salamat po Doc. More blessing po and God be with you always at sana po marami pa po kayong matulungan weather po patients or doctor. Salamat po Doc!
Compiling these in a book or manuscript would come in handy…maybe even an e-book. Looking forward to more of these
I am privileged that I’m one of your friends Doc Rey, I am learning so much from your posts… Continue to be an inspiration to many and please take care of yourself… God bless
Hope you will continue posting info on costs of tests and procedures in diff hospitals in metro manila. Very helpful for your patients having semi annual or annual tests and check ups. Thanks.. God bless doc.
Thank you for the information that you share in ur FB account May God bless you with good health, long life and happiness
Good luck po in your survey! God bless you more!
Marami pong natutunan ang mga post po ninyo sa fb lalo na patungkol sa surgical procedure at ang post po ninyo na bawat presyo ng mga lab exam,ct scan thyroid scan at marami pang iba..Naway magpatuloy pa ito tulong na rin sa inyong mga pasyente at sa iba pa.Mabuhay po kayo Dr.Rey Joson.!
Thank you for being unselfish to informations/knowledge/awareness that makes ones’ life big difference.More power and God Bless you more. long Live 🙏🙏🙏
Always be an inspiration to others and a blessing to everyone. Continue your legacy. Long life and good health Doc so can still serve others. God bless po. 🙂
Keep up the noble work of teaching, inspiring others and sharing ur experiences with us! God bless u abundantly!
To whom much is given, much is expected. God gave you much talent. And you give as much back — your tpors, which educate, inspire and improve. Thank you for the generous sharing of your talent. You are a teacher, a master par excellence.
Mabuhay po kayo! You are GOD SENT…pambihira po ang iyong CONCERN para sa ibang tao…not only concern but your GENEROSITY po sa pag SHARE ng iyong kaalaman, para sa KABUITHAN ng lahat ng TAO…Wish ko po para sa iyo…HUMABA pa ang BUHAY nyo po…para makatulong sa lahat ng tao…GOD BLESS po.. and MORE POWER!
You are GOD SENT…CONCERNED FOR WELLBEING OF OTHERS…GENEROUS…UNIQUE…I wish that you have more years to live and share for the GOOD OF ALL…GOD BLESS po…:-)
More informative updates on Breast Wellness and more inspirations on Living Life, thank you so much Dr. Rey for this education in facebook.
Keep on posting your TPORs because they are attaining your missions – infoshare, inspire and improve. Keep up the good work, doc. Thanks for all the learnings.
#SuperBlessed . Having you as my Oncologist is a gift from God Let me thank you as : Dr ROJoson: extremely competent with a heart for excellent quality service. ❤️
Dr Joson, I just like to tell you that you are such a good doctor and surgeon. I always like to recommend you to anyone with the same case as mine. I am proud to tell them that you are such an unselfish medical professional in your field. May you live more….and help more cancer patients to become positive in life. God bless you po. ☺
More power and keep on !!!
I learned from you since 1999 when I first heard you lecture when I was still a research assistant in UP . From then on you became my mentor listening from your lectures every year. I gained so much confidence and learned so much that’s why I’m sharing it now to my students. Thank you!
Hi Doc joson, im a big fan of your fb page, thank you for sharing useful infos to us 😃😃😃 And please continue to share more, im sure a lot of ur fb friends are looking forward to it 😃😃😃
Thank you very much Dr Joson. Glad you are there for us .
Please continue updating for the health awareness. God Bless and Thank you
please continue as you really inspire many people…
Thanks doc..God bless you always
good job doc.
Thank you for your efforts to improve the lives of your patients and everyone you know. God bless!
Keep up the good work, Doc!
I have not met yet a Doctor like you. Please continue your great mission. You inspire us. You educate us. I always read your post. Everything on your wall. Thank you Dr.Rey.
From all the doctors that I have talked to, you standout. You explain things clearly and I understand it well. I have learned so much from you in terms of my interest.
Your posts indeed are very helpful. They promote awareness, and the same time inspire people to be more healthy. More power!
I just want you to be my friend doctor. Someone i can defend on, rely on and turn on whatever problem i have.
I am inspired by your posts on living life. It promotes not only wellness of the body but also of the mind.
I sincerely appreciate Dr. Joson sharing his medical knowledge via fb…rather reading trashy and unintelligible postings from crazy peeps! Keep it up Doc! Thank you!
Very informative and professional. You care for the people not only on helping them in their wellness but you don’t want them to waste their energy and resources by informing us ahead of time if you will not have clinic in a certain date.
Good work Doc. You are indeed a blessing to all concerned. Thank you.
Many thanks for your informative & helpful posts. Mabuhay ka!
Dr., I hope there’s a Tagalog version in some of your breast wellness and medical education so that some of my friends/readers will understand it because sometimes it’s difficult to explain medical terms to them.thank you.
Share your personal experiences, too.
Thank you Doc and God bless you more!
Thanks for your passion. It is so contagious not to stop learning.
Just want to say thank you so much for being a blessing to us Doc Rey. God bless you more for helping us with our battle. (I’m on my 2nd year,and hoping to win this.)I guess I could call you my “knight in shining armour!” 😊
Two thumbs up to Dr. Rey Joson.
Dear Dr. Joson, First all I would like to categorize myself as a student-learner (public health).. lol! Working with you even just for a short time helped me a lot not just specifically in disaster management but more really on certain life skills. Silently, I improved my capability of working under pressure and the realities of working with the pecularities of the central office. While we were dealing with so many challenges in HEMB, I observed your calm and collected composure and the diplomatic way of dealing with officials inside the DOH central office. I also like how you manage the team in an efficient way in order to meet deadlines and deliver 100% of what is expected of us. These are the things that I value the most because these matters are not taught in theories/school. For this, I consider you as my mentor. I am grateful to have you as one. Thank you. In relation to your other hat as a clinician, I commend you for putting your patient’s comfort first. Simple things like posting your clinic schedule, availability of parking lots, and prices of diagnostic modalities really helped patients by lessening their stress and using resources more efficiently. Many doctors don’t value these things. I plea that you continue these things. Hopefully you can influence other young doctors like me as how you influenced me. Maraming Salamat Po! Jan
keep up the good work!!



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