Safety Practices and Tips in Using LPG

Fires associated with Liquid Petroleum Gas used for cooking are relatively common risks in the house. Here are some safety practices and tips in using LGP.

Safety Practices and Tips in Using LPG

  1. Do not store your LPG cylinder in kitchen cabinets which do not have proper ventilation.
  2. When lighting your burner, strike a match first then place it over the burner before turning on the gas tap.
  3. Store your LPG cylinder away from electrical points and other sources of fire / ignition.
  4. Always keep your cylinder upright. Never invert it or let it lie horizontally on the floor.
  5. Use only LPG resistant rubber hoses with clamps and regularly check for wear, cracks and leaks, if any. Change rubber hose at least once in two years.
  6. Store spare cylinders in an open well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight, heat and other sources of ignition. Do not store LPG cylinders in basements.
  7. Do not change cylinders near a source of ignition.
  8. Turn-off the regulator and gas appliances when not in use. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions regarding the use and maintenance of your LPG appliance.
  9. Check for leaks from time to time using soapy water.
  10. When attaching the regulator, make sure that it is securely connected to the cylinder valve.
  11. When buying LPG, check if the security seal is firmly affixed on the valve. Do not accept a cylinder without a seal.
  12. Buy your LPG only from authorized dealers and authorized retail outlets, gasoline service stations to ensure quality, safety and correct weight.
  13. When you smell gas in your kitchen, open all doors and windows for proper ventilation. Do not switch on or off electrical switches and extinguish other sources of fire or ignition in the kitchen. Make sure your gas stove is off, then apply soapy water on the hose and look out for bubbles.  If none, turn off the regulator knob.  However, if odor continues, detach the cylinder from the regulator and if it is safe to do so, move cylinders to an open well ventilated space away from people, buildings and sources of ignition.

Copied from Gasul Dealers (16mar20)


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