Version Tracking of Digital Files

In the past, I have difficulty tracking the most current version of a digital file if I have made some editing or revision of the original file.   I have tried placing v1, v2, v3, etc. at the end of the file name.  At times, I was at a loss deciding whether v3 was the latest version or there was another v4 that I made and located somewhere.  I also have tried placing a tag of FINAL. At times, I still have to make revision of the FINAL file.  In which case, I have a dilemma on what code to use thereafter.

For so many years now, I have been using dates to track the latest or most current version of my digital files and I am happy with this system.

I always place an initial (rj or roj) and then the date.   I keep at least two files with different dates.  The most current version will be the one with the most current date.  In the example shown below, there are 2 files of “UPCM Classmates 74 BSLR tally_rj_date.”  The most current version is the one with most current  date -“feb5.”   I have 5 files of “UPCM Class 74 Directory_rj_date.”  The most current version is the one with most current date – “mar11.”  I can delete the 3 files with dates of feb16, mar5 and mar8 but I will not delete the files with mar9 and mar11. I need a reference to determine the most current file in case there are two edited files.  In this case, the reference file will be the one with mar9.


Aside from the usual initial and dates, I am at liberty to make additional notes to track the edited files as shown below.  If I make revision/s within the day, I usually place “a” or “b” after the date (see 18A below).


Another set of example in which I use dates to keep track of the latest version (12jun12 and 12jun12_B) and notes to indicate the specific contents of the files.


In case there will be files that will be edited by somebody else, I usually place the initials of the one editing and the dates edited.  For example, in the first file shown below, DOH CO Initial Actions mb (initial of the one who created the file), followed by a date  (15nov24), followed by jl (initial  of an editor), followed by date (16nov26), followed by mb (who edited again), followed by a date (16nov26).

In the last file, DOH CO Unit Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment Form, mb (the creator of the file), followed by date (15nov27), followed by rj (editor), followed by a date (dec9).




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