White Paper Waste for Recycling

For the past so many years, circa 2009 I believe or earlier, I have been collecting white paper waste for recycling.  I would usually bring and sell it to the junk shop. The price is about P7 per kilo.  Then, I would distribute the money that I got from the sale of white paper to my children and my house help.

Today, I decided to give it to a maintenance personnel from our village when I saw him collecting cardboards to be sold to the junk shop.

My white paper waste has decreased in volume since after my retirement in 2014.  It  would take me now about 4 to 5 months to reach an enough volume to bring to the junk shop.  I now would find the white paper waste collection space occupying.  I thought of giving it to the garbage collectors.  However, from experience, the garbage collector would just mix the white paper waste with the other wastes they would collect that in the end, the white paper waste is not brought to recycling or to the junk shop.

Two weeks ago, I met an 78-year-old scavenger in the village and I took pity on her.  I offered to give her my white paper wastes.  However, she never came back to get the stuff. So, today, I decided to give it to the maintenance personnel collecting junks to be sold to the junk shop.  I ended achieving two things at the same time:  white paper waste recycling and helping this maintenance personnel financially.


I have been doing this collection of white paper waste and other recycling and reuse activities as part of my contribution to prevention of climate change circa 2009 or earlier.

In 2016, one of my new year resolutions is that I will be focusing on clutter management of my stuff, books, and files.  I expect that in the process of decluttering, I will end up with a lot of waste which can be reused, recycled, and, those which cannot be reused or recycled, discarded.

Within the month of January 2016, I have disposed of my old camera (reuse and recycle – somebody got them).  I have reused my tackle boxes.  I have a project on books which I dubbed as Project Book Sharing and Then Give Away as part of my clutter and recycle management.

By the way, March 19, 2016 is the annual Earth Day.

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