Clutter Management – Book – Cancervixen

Part of ROJoson’s Clutter Management Program – Project Book Sharing and Then Give Away – I will lend out a book to interested readers (at least 5, one at a time) until I dispose of it or until it gets lost along the way. Example: this book Cancervixen which was shared with me by Mary Joan Fajardo is being shared to Pacita Duran. After she read it, she returns it to me. Then I lend it to another interested reader. The cycle repeats itself at least 5 times or 5 readers. This way I maximize the usefulness of a book before I dispose of it.

cancervixen_16jan14 (1)

cancervixen_16jan14 (2)

cancervixen_16jan14 (3)

cancervixen_16jan14 (4)


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