Living a Purposeful Life

Purposeful life – will reinforce this – ROJoson – 16jan13
  • Make schedule for the day.
  • Be contented with the schedule – can only do so much in one day (be contented with 3 tasks per day).
  • Appreciate small stuff (small actions, activities) and enjoy them (should not always be accomplishing programs and tasks).
  • Evaluate at the end of the day – 3 tasks and quality of performance

Living a life of purpose sounds great, right? But really, what does that even mean? I strive every day to add purpose to every aspect of my life. In my opinion, giving purpose and meaning means bringing awareness to every moment, making conscious choices, and having acceptance of the results. My actions, thoughts, and ideas are chosen on purpose (in an ideal world). This, to me, is how we live a purposeful life. Here are some simple tools that you may considering adding into your daily routine that can help you create that purposeful mentality. Some of my favorites are below.

  1. Daily meditation. Purposeful living starts with calming the mind. When my mind races at 1,000 thoughts a minute, I can barely come up with a rational thought, let alone concepts stemmed with purpose. Through meditation I learn to come back to my self and my breath. My thoughts begin to slow down and I can find peace and my purpose in the present moment.
  2. Set intentions. Intention-setting practices are so powerful; they create a positive ripple effect in your life. A great way to live with purpose is to set a simple intention at the beginning of each day; it actually sets the tone for your day. You choose how you want to feel and act in your day. Maybe you simply want to be happy, or be at peace, but you can feel content and at ease knowing that you can choose how to live with intent.
  3. Give small actions meaning. We tend to brush through our simple daily habits without even giving them a thought. Whether it’s brushing our teeth, getting dressed or even eating, we don’t necessarily put thought and purpose into some of the smallest tasks. When we add importance to even the seemingly meaningless actions we then bring meaning into every action. Our purposeful life is our ordinary life!
  4. Live in the present moment. We live in a world of distractions and discontent in the present moment. We yearn for the past and fear what’s to come in the future, and tend to be uneasy in the now. This moment, right this minute, is what truly matters- it’s all we have! Start to adjust your thinking and your habits to be more present in whatever task you are involved in, and let the rest go.
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