Lipoma – Back – Scapular Area

ROJoson Medical Clinic

A 56-year-old female with a mass on the back, at the left scapular area.

On physical examination, the mass is below the skin; 8 cm in its greatest diameter; feels solid and soft with well-defined border; movable; non-tender.

The primary clinical diagnosis is a lipoma.

Excision under local anesthesia and outpatient basis was done.

Postoperative diagnosis: LIPOMA.

Lipoma is a tumor of the fat and it is benign (not cancerous).

lipoma_salirose_jose_15may23 (1)

Note the asymmetry of the back with a bulge on the left side.

lipoma_salirose_jose_15may23 (2)lipoma_salirose_jose_15may23 (3)lipoma_salirose_jose_15may23 (4)lipoma_salirose_jose_15may23 (5)

Note the length of the incision does not correspond to the diameter of the lipoma.  It is smaller as the lipoma can be easily “shelled out” or removed with blunt dissection.

lipoma_salirose_jose_15may23 (6)lipoma_salirose_jose_15may23 (7)lipoma_salirose_jose_15may23 (8)ROJ@15jul4

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