Breast Pain – How to Deal

ROJoson Medical Clinic

Breast pain is a phenomenon that all women should know how to handle.  It contributes to breast un-wellness or mental anxiety when not properly handled.  It can also cause a delay in diagnosis and even treatment when breast pain is misinterpreted, specifically, disregarding a mass that is not painful as not worrisome.

With the heightened awareness on breast cancer – it being very common among women and it may affect any woman – and it causing more women to be anxious, any symptoms felt on the breast such as breast pain are now instantaneous triggers for concern, for worry, for seeing a breast specialist, for doing mammography, for doing ultrasound, etc.

Here is my 3-in-1 packaged formula that I have used circa 1982 in helping patients understand and handle their breast pain phenomenon.  My batting average in accuracy is 98 to 99%.

1. If there is a breast mass, there…

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