ROJoson’s TPOR on Valentine Day – February 2015

ROJoson’s TPOR on Valentine Day – February 2015

Valentine’s Day (February 14) is celebrated all over the world as a celebration of love.  In the Philippines, February 14 is publicly observed as Valentine’s Day or Araw ng Puso.

Here are some February 14, 2015 excerpts of write-ups that I picked up from the Net that deal with repurposing Valentine’s Day.   I also included my TPOR on how I have repurposed Valentine Day.

From Paulynn P. Sicam – Repurposing Valentine

I was once big on Valentine, when I was young and starry-eyed. But now I think it is overrated. It is a totally commercial occasion that makes people anxious about not having someone special to spend the day with, and it pressures those who have a significant other to spend unnecessarily, sometimes even insincerely, on the supposed accouterments of love.

Depending on one’s pocketbook, these could be a card, a love letter, a stroll in Luneta or Roxas Boulevard, a movie date, a tryst, a single rose or a spray of fresh blooms, jewelry, a dinner date, or an expensive show. Often, though, people end up in Valentine’s Day traffic and a long wait for dinner at restaurants, even after having made reservations. 

I don’t want to sound like a spoilsport but how about we repurpose Valentine into an occasion to show loving concern for the broader society — others who are not our spouses, lovers, children, parents, best friends and close relatives, people who are not in our loving inner circle?  Let’s expand our worlds and our comfort zones to include “insignificant others” — people we take for granted, who are on the periphery of our lives and whom we have not bothered to get to know. 

What if we take the time to get to know the people who make life easier for us: the security guards in the office or at the village gate, the newspaper delivery man, our drivers, gardeners, utility personnel, the neighbor downstairs, the cat lover up the street, the sacristan, the parish priest, the kids who play in the nearby park? Who are they? What are their stories?  What makes them who they are? What makes them happy? What makes them sad? 

Bill seeks to make day of hearts a holiday – Paolo Romero –

MANILA, Philippines – An administration lawmaker wants Valentine’s Day to be more than passion and romance, by making Feb. 14 a national holiday focused on celebrating family values.

“Instead of making Feb. 14 a day about just passion and romance, why not celebrate an even greater, deeper and more stable kind of love that is indiscriminate, unselfish and which many Filipinos value most – the love for family,” Abellanosa said.   “The family, after all, is the microcosm of society,” he added.   He said the proposed national holiday, if approved, would be a constant reminder to the country that families should work together in building the nation.

“We should work towards policies that support the development of the family unit from economic and social perspectives,” he said. “Strengthening the family unit may well be the key to a stronger nation.”

Religious groups complain Valentine’s Day has become excessively commercialized and associated with unrestrained passion and illicit relationships.

ROJoson’s TPOR on Valentine

February 14 (Valentine’s Day or Araw ng Puso) of each year serves as a review and reminder for me on my definition and practice of LOVE.  Every day is day of LOVE for me, particularly for my family, for my patients, for the “insignificant others.”  I simply define and practice LOVE as “do good to others, do no evil to others; do good things, do not hurt anybody.”  

love_roj_defn_2009_rj_15jan19 love_roj_defn_2015_rj_15jan19

Note: I usually spend Valentine’s Day with my whole family at home.  We usually try not to go out because of the traffic on that day, particularly, evening.

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