Concept, Meaning and Definition – ROJoson’s Notes

Concept, Meaning and Definition – ROJoson’s Notes

ROJoson – 15feb11

Concept – general idea about a thing or group of things (or a word or a phrase); abstracted essence of a thing or group of things (or a word or a phrase)

Meaning of a word or phrase – the abstract thing (denotation, referent, or idea) that a word or a phrase represents; “what it is”

Definition of word or phrase – explicit statement in other terms that is intended to capture the meaning of a word or phrase (one should be able to replace the word or phrase with the contents of the definition) (words that we use to describe it – the word or the phrase)

Meaning and definition expatiate or elaborate on the concept.

It is more important to focus on the meaning than definition of the word or phrase as it is difficult to formulate definitions and the latter are usually not absolute, always relative to changes in time, usage, and people’s perceptions.

Operational definition and meaning – formulation of a definition and meaning for a word or phrase usually with a scope to be used for some purpose (lecture, projects, etc.) with the objective of facilitating common understanding of readers and listeners and alignment of team members in accomplishing a mission or task

In the end, put emphasis on operational definition and meaning.


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