Catchment Communities of Hospitals and Medical Centers – PH DOH CON – 2006

ROJoson's Writings on Hospital Administration

In the document of PH DOH Certificate of Needs (2006), there are these statements on catchment communities:

* Primary Catchment Area refers to the municipality/urban district for Level 1 Hospitals, rural district/city for Level 2 Hospitals, province for Level 3 Hospitals, and region for Level 4 Hospitals.

** Secondary Catchment Area refers to other geographic areas that have access or contiguous to the Primary Catchment Area.

ROJoson’s Note:

There is a need to review and revise these statements as one, there is no longer Level 4 hospitals in the new classification (only up to Level 3) and two, the assignment of scope for the primary catchment community may not be applicable nowadays, which can be greater or lesser than originally prescribed.

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