Sharing in MDH Cancer Crusaders Club – Elna Perfas – December 14, 2014

ROJoson Medical Clinic


Good morning, fellow crusaders please allow me to share my story with you.

I am Elna Villalva Perfas, and I am working in a Freight Forwarding Company.

My journey begins on November 2011, meron po akong nakapang bukol in my left breast smaller than a santol seed. I am a diabetic patient of Dra. Rosa Marie Flores and I told her about the bukol in my left breast. She told me to go into mammogram and the result was benign, was then thankful of the result.

On the last week of December 2013 I noticed a pain on my left breast which bothered me a lot. I was at home in the province for a vacation at that time and I did not tell anybody about it until we went back to Manila. Several months passed

with the pain that’s bothering a lot  and I was so scared…

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