Logo of Integrated Value-based Medical Center and Meaning

Integrated Value-based Medical Center

Here is the logo of the Integrated Value-based Medical Center.


Rod of Asclepius – symbol of medicine and health care or medical center

Map of the Philippines – behind the rod of Asclepius – represents the community to be served by Integrated Value-based Medical Center

Circle containing the rod of Asclepius and the community – signifies ultimate integration of all services and activities in the medical center, represented by the 3 ellipses, the 2 outer circles and the 12 stars.

The 3 ellipses – represent the 3 core values (excellence, compassion and community); 3 groups of clients served – community, family, and individuals; 3 services – diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation and health maintenance; and also 3 aims in services – cure sometimes, relieve often, and comfort always.

The 12 stars – represent 12 strategic objectives or best practices or 12 excellent programs in the medical center.

The 2 outer circles – represent…

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