ROJoson Facebook Management (Timeline, Pages, and Groups)

ROJoson FACEBOOK (TIMELINE, PAGES, and GROUPS) MANAGEMENT – Effective today, November 9, 2014, after a clutter management activity, I will focus on the following Pages beside my Timeline. I will also focus on Groups of ROJoson Family and ROJ-CMZ-TTCP-QC.

ROJoson Medical Clinic

ROJoson Breast Wellness Clinic

ROJoson Thyroid Wellness Clinic

Hospital Safety Promotion and Disaster Preparedness Program

Medical Anecdotal Reports

ROJoson Writings on Hospital Administration

ROJoson’s Notes on Life

For my TPORs and writings on medical education, I will put them in ROJoson Medical Clinic.

Target: At least 2 posts per month in each page / group.

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