GPVILLANUEVA’s MAR: Preventing Euthanasia

OMMC Surgery Medical Anecdotal Reports 2014

MAR Title: Preventing Euthanasia

Reporter: Glenn P. Villanueva, MD

Year Reported: 2014


I was the senior-on-duty at the ward when a patient classified under palliative treatment was endorsed to me for close monitoring. She was a 60-year-old patient diagnosed with breast cancer stage four with pulmonary metastasis admitted at the surgical intensive care unit (SICU). The patient was on mechanical ventilator but was endorsed to me with stable vital signs. After a few hours, the SICU junior intern informed me that the patient was hypotensive and there was a sudden change in sensorium. I then looked for the nearest keen to inform him / her of the situation. There was her son, on his early twenties, who had been with her throughout her admission. I explained to him that her mother was deteriorating and would need further medications and support. The patient had already been referred to the Family…

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