MESANICO’s MAR: Safety of Hospital Staff

OMMC Surgery Medical Anecdotal Reports 2014

MAR Title: Safety of Hospital Staff

Reporter: Marco Antonio E. Sanico, MD

Year Reported: 2014


I was at the Emergency Room (ER) one evening when a 62-year-old male came in accompanied by two National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) agents. The patient complained of epigastric and right upper quadrant pain and claimed that it was excruciating. I did my physical examination on him and had unremarkable findings – his abdomen was non distended, soft, and non tender. I was then approached by one of the NBI agents. He told me that the patient was arrested an hour ago for discharging his firearm in public and was supposed to be brought in for questioning at their precinct. The patient, however, demanded that he be brought to a hospital first because of his condition. The agent believed that the patient was malingering, just so he could avoid detention. As I returned…

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