Advance Directives and Advanced Instructions in Anticipated Death

During the past 2 weeks  (in October 2014) , I had intense first-hand encounter and experience with dying people who are close to me.

ed_joson_wake_14oct22 (3)


This forced me to meditate again, on a lot of things, particularly on life and preparations for the eventuality, and to make new resolutions.

One of the things that I pondered upon was the so-called advance directives.  I have one, established as early as 2006.  My brother and my sister-in-law were able to benefit from my advance directives by following at least the principles.  One thing I need to do in terms of refinement on the nitty-gritty of advance directives is to come out with more definite strategies and specific procedures that I need to do after I am given a diagnosis of terminal illness, while I am still up and about but just waiting for final moment which nobody can predict.

During the wake of my brother, I also came out with more specifics on my funeral program which I already shared with my immediate family,  Initially, I gave a title of “ROJoson Advance Directives on Funeral Program.”  Later, I discovered, the phrase “advance directive” was not appropriate as it is currently being used  to refer to the medical treatment of a terminal-ill person, how they should be done, such as no more aggressive resuscitation, no more tubes to be inserted, etc.   Thus, I decided to use the phrase “advanced instructions” instead.

My “advanced instructions” to my family on my funeral program include the following (there are more): 1) cremation as soon as possible; 2) no embalming; 3) when and where of burial or inurnment; 4) no necrological services; 5) no public announcement; etc.   I will be refining my “advanced instructions” on my funeral programs and other preparedness programs in due time.

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