Keep Calm and Make New Friends – ROJoson – October 10, 2014

October 10, 2014

My schedule of activities in the morning consisted of a car registration at the Land Transportation Office – NCR, Manila South District Office – LM Guerrero St., Malate, Manila at 8 am and then an operation at 10 am.

I was at the LTO compound at about 805 am.  I was done with the emission test at about 820 am (which was done in the LTO compound which I found very convenient for me). After getting the Certificate of Compliance to Emission Standards, I went to Window 1 of LTO.   After the stenciling of the motor and chassis of the car,  at around 827 am, I was asked to proceed from Window 1 to Window 8 for the “evaluation.”   When I went to Window 8, I was told by an LTO personnel that the computer network system was OFF-LINE.  I was told either to wait or just to come back.  I decided to wait and see. By 930 am, there was still no news on when the LTO computer network system would resume function or be ONLINE.

By this time, I saw quite a number of clients getting back their submitted initial registration papers and leaving, probably with a plan to come back some other time.  I also overheard quite a number of clients complaining of the OFF-LINE incident.

I kept my calm and came out with a response action plan.  I requested to talk to the person-in-charge of the LTO District Office.  My plan was to ask when the computer network system would be back and from there, decide what to do, in order to manage my time and to have my car registration soon.   I was able to talk to the Assistant Chief of the LTO District Office, Ms. Margaret Jocelyn M. Pastor – de los Reyes.  When she told me the system might be back in 10 to 15 minutes, with no absolute guarantee though, I asked her if I could leave my papers with her including the payment; if she could text me when the processing of my papers are done; and if I could pick them up after my operation.   Ms. Leng, her nickname, readily said yes to my requests.

Quarter to 10 am, I left the LTO and reached the hospital along United Nations Avenue, where I would conduct my surgical operation, at 1005 am.

At around 1139 am, Ms. Leng texted me:


After I finished my operation, after doing some chores in the hospital, at about 215 pm, I was back at the LTO Manila South District Office to pick up my registration papers.  I thanked Ms. Leng for the assistance and accommodation she accorded me.  I also commended her for being understanding and professional in handling the LTO OFF-LINE situation as Assistant Chief of the District Office.


Ms. Leng and I ended our first-time interaction as friends.


My other insights in this October 10, 2014 LTO event:

I kept my calm and made a new friend.


From hereon, I should have this poster, which originated in Britain, in mind.  During emergencies, keep calm and make new friends.


There are a lot of popular posters that contain “Keep Calm” and followed by another phrase.  The origin of these posters started with the one shown below.  Historical tidbits: This poster was produced by the British government in 1939 in preparation for the Second World War.  It was intended to raise morale of the British.  Although more than 2 million copies were printed, the poster was never publicly displayed and was not known until a copy was rediscovered in 2000.  It has since been re-issued by a number of private companies and has been used as a decorative theme for many products.  (Source: Wikipedia)



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