I am a Retiree – I will be a Productive Retiree

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October 4, 2014, I received an Identification Card from the University of the Philippines Manila that indicates my current title as a “Retiree.”  See below.


Below is my Identification Card prior to January 31, 2014, the official date of my retirement.  In this ID,  I have a title of “Faculty.”


July 2014,  I received an invitation from the Department of Surgery of the UPM-UPCM-PGH.  I was addressed as Retired Faculty of Surgery.


The above documents indicate that I am a RETIREE starting January 31, 2014, the date I reached 65 years old.

Aside from UP Manila, I am also a Retiree from the Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center as of January 31, 2014 and a Retiree from the Administration of Manila Doctors Hospital as of April 24, 2014.

Merriam-Webster defines retiree as “a person who has permanently stopped working in a job or profession.”

Free Dictionary defines retiree as a “person who…

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